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BadCreditSite™ is an online loan agency who work with an array of lenders to help all those in need of a loan or emergency funds. The site offer an array of loans including those for individuals on benefits, individuals who are unemployed, uk loans, payday loans, doorstep loans and loans for individuals with bad credit rating. We approve their site and suggest for any one in need to fill out their 2-minute online application form. They scour the open-market and from their list of available lenders on their panel to suit YOUR financial needs and situations.

10 DECEMBER 2017


Also make sure before conducting in any financial-business with any indivdiual or company that they are FCA-regulated. We work under the business name PJG Financial and are 100% financially authroised and certified. Visit the site here to find out more regarding the FCA guidelines.

12 DECEMBER 2017

uk loans

Getting access to credit can always be short or long term and in most cases this is always a difficult task particularly for people who happen to be benefit. There are some providers who are willing and ready to provide loan for individuals with benefit which is now a growing market segment. A payday loan is an example of the loans which is done directly depositing funds into the user’s bank account right away.

There is also bad credit loans which is offered to people with poor credit in UK or people with benefit and this loan is given out to people who have financial difficulties or have poor credit history and would like to borrow money in order take care of some liabilities and they have been turned down by the banks. If you go to you will find help particularly if you are having poor credits and this help is through bring helped to make informed and confident decisions which are very essential while trying to find a loan.

In that site there are various types of loans such as the short term loans which is taken if you borrowing a loan for short time, long term loan which are borrowing for a longer period, personal loans which are taken for personal use, secured loan that is taken as some form of security sand guarantor loans where if you take loan and fails to pay the guarantor does the payment. also offers you a platform to be able to connect to these lenders easily via their online platforms.

There is huge demand of payday loan among the people with benefits and this tends to create regular cash flow for the lenders thus creating the loan for individuals with benefit; and this loan is always smaller compared to the one offered to people employed but still this people are able to access this loans and take care of arising expenses.